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Cody Hull 

Name: Cody Hull 


DOB: January 8, 1986 

Home: Chino Hills, California 

Sponsors: SSBMTB, SouthRidge Cycle, Leatte, Rhino Power, SPY, Honey Stinger. 


I’ve been riding dirt bikes in Glamis my whole life, I never really liked riding the track or dirt so the transition into mountain biking took me a while to get use to. I bought my first mountain bike in 2008, it was a $800 bike from REI (none of my friends were riding mtb at the time so I had no idea that this was a pile). I rode that bike for a few years on and off, mostly off because it was constantly breaking. I finally bought a Trek Remedy 29 in 2014. I rode this bike my first season racing in 2015, I had a great time that season and met a ton of cool people. I took the 2016 season off to buy and renovate my first home in Chino, Ca. (where I still live). I came back to racing in 2017, competing in just the local races at Fontana and the Socal Enduro Series in the Sport/Cat 2 class, I did fair at the beginning of the season but as my training progressed I did well enough to get on the podium at the end of the year. 

I started the 2017 season off in Expert/Cat 1 (this year on a Trek ‘Slash’ and ‘fuel EX’), my training had really gained momentum during the off season so after the first race I jumped up to Pro. The 2017 series highlights were a few wins at Fontana, a win and several podiums at the Socal Enduro Series which led to a first in overall points at the end of the year. Next year I hope to travel out of state for some of the bigger races. Outside of racing I like to surf, chill and travel with my wife. I have two boxers who get treated better than most kids. Life is good.

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